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DIY All-Purpose Cleaners

Oh man, I am excited to share with you guys these cleaners I have been obsessed with the past few weeks! I am SO bummed I just now started home making my all-purpose cleaners but better late than never right? I have used natural and organic cleaning products the past several years but making them myself is a step up for me! Please trust me when I say these are hands down the BEST spray cleaners I have ever used! I was a huge believer after using the lemon castile on my beige linen dining tables that my toddler...

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Top Kitchen Tools Must Haves

Having a real food equipped kitchen can be helpful. With all the right utensils and equipment, you can make simple meals at home more often. Nothing will be as good as cooking meals at home where you control the ingredients, and it is much less expensive. A great way to build your utensils and equipment over time is to stick them all on a wish list and keep track if any go on sale. Also, another way we were able to keep adding is simply asking for them as gift items on special occasions. In just a year or...

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Real Food Basic Pantry Staples

  Starting a real food journey doesn’t have to be complicated, it is quite the opposite. Back in 2012, we made some pretty simple changes that made a huge impact on our health. We started swapping out the highly processed boxes of quick breakfast items and traded them for things like rolled oats and fresh fruit for homemade oatmeal, sprouted bread for easier digestion, whole-grain crackers, regular store-bought eggs(from chickens fed processed feed, antibiotics, and poor living conditions) for free range pastured farm eggs, reduced-fat 2% milk for local whole, raw milk(numerous nutritional benefits!!). So many simple swaps making...

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Real Food Tips For Eating During The Holidays

As much as I love the holidays for quality time with friends and family, it is most often centered around food and LOTS of it! And if you guys have several holiday gatherings as we do, the processed foods can add up rather quickly! I’m going to share some helpful, realistic tips that can help you and your family stay on track to clean eating while keeping your table, or plate, real food approved! Of course, this doesn’t mean depriving yourself of any of the classics or holiday favorites but just keep in mind anything can be made in...

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Spinach Banana Blender Muffins

I am all about getting greens in wherever and whenever possible! These muffins are the perfect outlet to do so. They are easy to whip up, only one kitchen tool needed(my favorite blender is linked at the bottom) and make for the perfect healthy snack, or even breakfast. Drizzle with melted chocolate to make them more appealing, or top with mini chocolate chips! Also I have the cutest little book about spinach, I will link that at the bottom as well. PS- these would be so fun for Halloween!   Ingredients:  1/2 C unsweetened applesauce(1 individual pack) 2 tbsp...

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About Me

Hey there, I’m Amber, creator of Holistic Happiness Blog! I am deep-rooted in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Along with my husband Matt, and three little girls (Lily-5, London 3, Aspen >1) we are a family of five inspiring healthy living. We began our real food journey in 2012 and it has been a blast!

This blog will provide meal planning and meal prepping tips along with healthy family-friendly recipes. All to help you succeed in eliminating processed foods, one meal at a time!

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