Buying bulk is more cost efficient + you go through them quickly! Highly recommend organic on these!
Frontier Elder Berries Whole Organic – 1 lb

Another option for organic dried elderberries.

Getting good quality,raw honey is so important for medicinal purposes! I prefer local but here are other options.

Another option for raw honey at a great price point.

I always store my syrup in glass mason jars for safe keep in the fridge!
Ball Pint Mason Jar, Regular Mouth, 16 oz (2 Count)

Top choice for store bought elderberry syrup!

Another great store bought option. Highly recommend going organic on these to avoid frutose, additives, & natural flavorings.

I always keep these on hand for an extra boost!

Gummies are a great alternative for kids who will not take the syrup. These are my top pick as far as ingredients go. No cane syrup or natural flavorings!

These were the next cleanest option I found for gummies, although it does have sugar on the label.

A fine mesh strainer is a must for home making the syrup.