This is the perfect travel case for oils & it is a great neutral. He never travels without his favorites!

He wears this belt every single day! By far the best he has ever had/worn, great gift idea!

Natural shaving brush and great for skin!

Art of Shaving after shave balm. Really clean ingredients and smells amazing!

Pre Shave oil in Lavender!

Hands down most favorite shaving cream ever! Has been using it for several years now, super clean ingredients!

Spacious lunchbox that he takes to work everyday! So many compartments and very roomy!

We have been using Spry gum for years now! It is a great natural alternative and dentist recommended. We buy the big cartons to save money!

Diffuser in his office, love the look!

This thermos is perfect for packing soups, pastas, and any hot dishes for lunch!

We love this natural deodorant and this scent is perfect for men!

Cedarwood oil has so many antifungal and anitbacterial properties and is perfect for dry scalp and dandruff!

He has been using this toothbrush for a few years and has noticed so many positive changes! This one is amazing!

Great natural shampoo for dandruff and dry scalp. Top rated on EWG!

What he carries to work everyday with water and lemon essential oil!