It’s that time of the year and we just stocked up on special halloween treats for our family, so I thought I would share them with you guys! Candy isn’t something that is a norm in our house but I will make an exception for special occasions and holidays. With that being said, I still strive to get the cleanest options possible! For our family, holidays and special occasions are more about the experience of doing things together vs an excuse to load up on junk and sugar. Trick or treating is a fun experience that we enjoy doing as a family each year, while still staying somewhat true to our food values when we return home. Last year was really the first year my toddler even knew what trick or treating was, and half way through she said she was ready to go home, haha I love how they speak their little minds. When we returned home we were already prepared to “trade out” her candy for a couple of different versions with cleaner ingredients. We did it very quickly and she didn’t even know what was going on. This year may be a little different as she is getting older and more attentive. One of my sweet mama followers sent me a solution for swapping out candy this year just in the nick of time! Can I just add I LOVE when you guys send me cool ideas, the more sharing knowledge, the better!! 
So now I bring you the Switch Witch, a fun and easy way to rid of that unhealthy load of candy! It reminds me a lot of the popular Elf on the Shelf most parents use during Christmas time. This is pretty similar, only a witch at Halloween! And she actually leaves your kiddos a gift when she goes back home. You can read more about it on the link below. Another cool thing I learned about this company is they give back to our troops overseas. Switch Witch is a sponsor for Operation Gratitude, donating a portion of their proceeds to send care packages to deployed troops and first responders, including the sweet treats you can send in from your kids’ switch bags. Pretty cool, not only are you providing a healthier option for your kids but you can also give back to our troops that may not get to celebrate these special occasions with their families. Our switch witch is on order and should be arriving soon. My kit included a hardcover keepsake box, a hardcover book that tells the legend of the switch witch, the witch doll, and the switch crafted trick or treat bag. I will link ours below so you can order yours in time for Halloween. Hurry because they may go fast!
Now onto the actual candy part, yay! I have rounded up my favorite candy and sweet treat picks for this year and some that will be in my girls Halloween baskets from Mommy and Daddy! Below is a picture of their fun-filled Halloween baskets for this year. Target dollar section saves the day again. Some items include little eating plates with Halloween characters, cat ears, light up bracelets, glow in the dark bracelets, notepads & pencils, glow in the dark window stickers, play packs with crayons, glass drinking cups with straws, honey sticks, and of course some sweet treats! I also love handing out similar, fun knick knacks at our house. It is so fun to switch it up and be different from the rest of the neighborhood! Some of my favorite items to hand out include : pencils, spider rings, glow sticks, halloween jewelry, stickers, erasers, mini notepads, vampire teeth, bouncy balls, organic juice boxes, bubbles, ect. I just raid my local Dollar Stores, Target, and Wal-Mart.
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1. Yum Earth Organic Suckers

These are colored with vegetable & fruit concentrate and free of artificial dyes and ingredients. They come in several fun flavors, we love them all!

2.) Yum Earth Worms

Another favorite product from Yum Earth. Worms are so fun for Halloween too!

3.) Alter Eco Truffles

I know these are a little pricey if buying in bulk, but oh my goodness they are worth every penny. We actually keep a stash of these in the house at all times. They are just so delicious and literally melt in your mouth. They do have packs of 10 available at the grocery store. Super clean ingredients!

4.) Annie’s Homegrown Organic Fruit Snacks

A Lily favorite and something we typically put in her goodie baskets for special occasions. Although fruit snacks do not really provide any nutritional benefits, they have more sugar than actual fruit, Annie’s doesn’t contain artificial colors or preservatives!

5.) Candy Tree Organic Strawberry Laces

A clean replacement for Twizzlers. No artifcial dyes or preservatives unlike Twizzlers.

6.) Justin’s Dark Chocolate Organic Peanut Butter Cups

A favorite of mine, I can’t resist purchasing when I see these at the store! A cleaner option than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. These also come in milk chocolate flavor if you aren’t big on dark chocolate. They also come in mini PB cups too!

7.) UnReal Milk Chocolates

Again, a little pricey if purchasing in bulk but you can also use these in cookies and on top of ice cream for a fun treat! They may have individual smaller size bags at Target. A much cleaner substitution for M&M’s, free of artificial dyes of course.

8.) Black Forest Organic Fruit Chews

A healthier take on Starbursts candy. These are my husbands’ favorite.

9.) Organic Fruit Leathers

Ingredients are 100% fruit and only 9g of sugar, sugar coming from the natural fruit concentrate.
So that is all for my Halloween picks for the year and I am sure there are other clean options out there that I haven’t listed. But these are our personal favorites so that’s what I went with. Typically, if one brand has a clean product the rest will normally be clean options as well but as always, don’t go by what’s on the front and always flip over to the label! Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!!

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