My top pick for probiotic! These contain no synthetic ingredients and no sugar!

I like to switch up probiotics every so often so get different strands in their systems. Love this one too!

Another great option in chewable form!

My kids take these multivitamins daily. They taste great!

Another great option for multivitamins, we use these in rotation with the others.

Sometimes pediatricians will recommend DHA supplement so I always make sure it is sourced from wild caught fish. This checks the box!

Love this option for probiotic drops for infants. It is one of the cleanest out there and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as corn oil, maltodextrin, and is preservative and dye-free!

Another great option for children’s probiotics!

Sometimes children can be deficient in iron. My main focus is to boost with real, whole foods high in iron while also adding a tsp of this supplement in smoothies and such!

We always keep a bag of these on hand anytime sore throats occur! They are perfect for soothing a sore throat and no added junk!

We mix this into the kids smoothies and yogurt. Magnesium helps with absorption of iron,which is common for kids to be deficient in and also helps aid in better sleep and reduces anxiety.

We all take Vitamin D3 in the winter months when outside exposure is limited. These gummies are perfect for kids!

Baby probiotic

baby probiotic drops


My husband and I take this probiotic daily.

I have used GOL prenatals for 4 years now! These have raw folate (most prenatals have synthetic so watch out for that!).

My husbands daily multivitamin!

Great source for B12 as needed. Check with your physician before taking additional supplements.

We take D3 for healthy to boost immune system & healthy digestion, amongst other benefits such as bone & joint health, and breast and prostate health. Check with your physician before taking additional supplements!

This is a natural alternative to over the counter medications for anything inflammatory related! Curcumin is one of the main substances in Turmeric which is an anti inflammatory and healing plant.  

Fish supports heart health amongst several other essential body functions! Make sure your fish oil is sourced from wild caught fish and doesn’t have any additives!

My husband takes this every day! Fermented garlic helps maintain blood pressure & cholesterol levels and supports healthy immune function.


We do epsom salt soaks for fever reducer, any kind of sickness, diaper rashes, and just for healthy immune support! Be sure to get a pure salt & avoid any added ingredients!

A great natural boost of magnesium and also any sore muscles. I do mag soak baths twice a week.

Mary Ruth’s Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamin C

Colloidal Silver

We love the spray form!!

Another great brand/option!

One of my favorite natural all-purpose healing staples! Known as alternative to antibiotics and healthy immune function support.