Supplements, Teas, Nausea 

These have always been my go-to prenatal! I love they are in raw form and no synthetic anything!

Becoming anemic can happen quite often during pregnancy and even after. These are my to go iron supplements to help boost!

Another natural remedy for morning sickness is B6. Seeking Health is an excellent brand! Please consult your OB before using for correct dosage amount!

There are several benefits for increasing your intake of magnesium during pregnancy such as better sleep, reducing leg cramps, and helping uterus not contract prematurely. I always feel so much better when taking it!

There are so many benefits to consuming this tea during pregnancy! It is high in iron, helps with nausea, boosts milk supply, and helps tone the uterus.

This third trimester tea is so delicious and really helps to relax you during those last few weeks!

Ginger is great natural relief for first trimester morning sickness. Put 1 drop under your tongue to help subside sickness or add into drinking water.

This is so helpful to diffuse when feeling nausea.

This is my go to remedy for those painful leg cramps you experience during pregnancy. It is a natural version of Icy Hott. I keep mine in my nightstand for when they wake me in middle of the night. This works wonders, I highly recommend!

Body Care

This is a must have for hospital bag and after delivery! Avoiding all the toxic chemicals in the hospital aerosol cans!

This nipple butter is a must for breastfeeding moms. You will thank me on this one!

Love this natural rash cream for babies bottom! Top rated on EWG.

Pads are a must have for postpartum recovery and these are free of any chemicals!

Babo Botanicals baby products are my favorite! They are top rated on EWG.

Love this super clean baby lotion. Baby’s skin are so delicate, this is my go to!

Diapers & Wipes

My go-to wipes! Made with purified water and a drop of fruit extract, these are the cleanest wipes on the market!

Another great option for natural wipes. Love Honest Company products!

The softest baby wipes ever! Love they are natural and top rated on EWG!

We always opt for diapers without all the dyes and chemicals on them! Love this brand!

Hospital Bag Necessities 

House shoes are one of my favorite necessities in my hospital bag! (I always toss them before leaving hospital to make sure no germs come home with us)

Love these easy nursing tanks and the colors are so versatile to slip on under anything!

Hospital bag MUST HAVE!!! Lips can get so dry during and after labor. I use this religiously!

These natural face wipes come in so handy at the hospital! These are for sure a hospital bag must have!

I start using CS oil starting at 38 weeks and even into labor. It helps calm the nervous system and relieves pain during contractions!

Lavender has such a calming effect during labor & delivery and helps focus on contractions. I love to diffuse this in the room!

Love having peppermint on hand for cooling effect! Comes in so handy when tired and also great for any nausea during labor!

This is the diffuser I have and it works great!

Postpartum & Home Favs

This backpack diaper bag is a game changer in place of the one shoulder bags!  It is the perfect size and has tons of storage space and pockets for all things baby!

Although I haven’t used a spectra personally, I have seen it in person and everyone I know that has one raves about it! I love the size and portability aspect of it, and the rechargeable batteries!

Another great breast feeding handy tool!

Reusable organic breast pads.

I use this little hand pump vs electric pump mainly to make frozen milk pops for teething. It is so handy, I love it!

Pura stainless steel bottles are the perfect option for going the non-plastic route! This set has different flow nipples, etc. We are huge fans of Pura!

Snuggle Me Organic lounger made of organic cotton and so cozy!

This Halo bassinet. I love how compact it is and how it rotates and swivels!

One of my most used postpartum items! This wrap is incredibly soft and snuggly.


Love how soft and breathable these muslin swaddle blankets are!

Obessed with Burts Bees organic baby clothes!

Natural alternative for synthetic Vitamin K are these oral drops ,although still not necessary for healthy baby.

Reading Resources

This book is a must have for all mama-to-be’s! The best resource guide I have found!

One of my most used books for everything oil related through my pregnancies and even after!

Sally Fallon is an incredible author and love her books! This one is a great resource for nutritional guidance, holistic medical/medicinal approaches, breastfeeding, and so much more that all parents should be informed of!

A must have and must read for every parent, even seasoned ones! This book is so enlightening and a great guide for holistic approaches!


Lavender roller ball to rub along outside of jaw line for teething discomfort.

Must have for teething babies. Love to put frozen breast milk cubes in here.

Love these wooden teething rings and knowing my littles aren’t chewing on toxic chemicals from conventional teethers.

Raw baltic is believed to improve immunity, energy, and reduce inflammation.

Homeopathic alternative for OTC medications, for teething relief.

Essential oil blend to rub along swollen gums and for any teething discomfort.