Having a real food equipped kitchen can be helpful. With all the right utensils and equipment, you can make simple meals at home more often. Nothing will be as good as cooking meals at home where you control the ingredients, and it is much less expensive. A great way to build your utensils and equipment over time is to stick them all on a wish list and keep track if any go on sale. Also, another way we were able to keep adding is simply asking for them as gift items on special occasions. In just a year or two, you will be able to have a solid collection of kitchen staples! Here are my top kitchen must-haves below and they are all directly linked to Amazon, just click on the image. Again, these are my top 10 suggested tools and you can see my entire kitchen shop tab here.  

*I did not include Kitchen Aid Mixer because you can ultimately make anything with a mixing bowl and spatula, but the mixer just makes life easier. I use mine multiple times a week so if you are interested, it is linked on my Kitchen shop tab as well. 


Stainless steel cookware. If you are using non-stick I would recommend switching to non-toxic cookware such as stainless steel and cast iron. Non-stick is coated in harmful chemicals and cooking in it for a long period of time can cause negative health effects. It is just as important what you are cooking with! This would be one of my first kitchen investments. We have had our stainless steel set for about 10 years and it is still in pristine condition!

Slow Cooker. Slow cookers really can save the day for easy, home cooked meals on busy nights. I also use mine weekly to make homemade applesauce and chicken stock!


Immersion Blender. Perfect for soups, sauces, or anything you need to blend without having to transfer to a blender. I use my immersion blender weekly and it is one of my favorite gadgets.

Measuring cups. I like to have both forms – glass pyrex cups and the hand held with magnets.


Mixing Bowls. Opt for stainless steel over plastic.


High Power Blender.  Hands down the #1 most used appliance in my kitchen is our Vitamix. We have had it for several years now and it is worth the investment!

Food Processor. Again, another appliance that I use alot! I would recommend this second to the blender if having to choose.

Knives & cutting board. Good set of knives are a must have staple in any kitchen. If you are wanting to invest in a set that will stand the test of time I recommend Shun. If you aren’t looking to invest as much, I would recommend the bottom set, as we started out with that one and had for several years before upgrading. Opt for non-toxic coated cutting boards. 

Wooden spoons & Spatulas. Simple kitchen tools, but yet very necessary. I recommend wood when cooking with the stainless steel cookware so you aren’t scraping metal against metal! Love the silicone for any mixing!


Microplane & cheese grater. Two of my most used kitchen tools would be these two! I love using the microplane for fresh parmesan cheese and any zesting. I use our cheese grater multiple times a week. We opt to buy raw bar cheese vs pre-shredded to avoid caking agents and additives, plus freshly grated cheese taste way better!