This post is sponsored in partnership with Grund America. All opinions are 100% my own. 


It has been a little over six years ago since my family started our real food journey. Now that we feel pretty confident in our natural food lifestyle we have been curious about the natural home life. Our recent goals have been to clean up our water, which we have done with a Berkey countertop water filter system, and also incorporate more natural home items such as everyday linens. I was so excited to discover that organic bedding, bath, and home items do exist and to actually become a partner with the most amazing company that makes them. Grund bedding and bath products are all made from 100% certified organic cotton and guaranteed to be free of any bleach, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances or dyes!

I have really dove deep into researching the cotton industry and it has been so eye-opening how dirty cotton crops really are, they are the dirtiest on the planet! Most cotton crops around the world are highly genetically modified and heavily treated with toxic pesticides including glyphosate, which is the main chemical component in Round-Up. Aside from cotton being heavily treated, the working conditions are so sad. In other countries, children start working in the crop fields at the young age of just seven years old. Schools close during the harvest months and the teachers bring the children to the cotton fields instead of school. They have no protective gear which means they are being exposed to toxic chemicals by both breathing and touching. There is hardly any water available for thirst in the hot sun and the water that is available comes from a canal that is contaminated with harmful chemicals. I don’t know about you guys but that is enough to make me want to do better and stand up and make a difference! 



So here is how we can become more aware and make an impact together! We can be more cautious in buying cotton that is cultivated using environmentally friendly methods and doesn’t contain any genetically engineered substances or synthetic chemicals treated with pesticides! If you think about it people spend almost half of their time in their actual bed or lounging around their home so it makes sense for that environment to be the cleanest possible. Organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic due to the lack of chemical additives and can be so beneficial for skin sensitivities. We have fallen in love with our sheet set in the master bedroom and are currently transitioning everyone’s bedding in our family to the same! My favorites about the organic sheets are that they are super breathable keeping you cool through the night, they are extremely durable, and they just feel SO much better! 

Why organic cotton for your kids? It is breathable, natural, gentle on skin and doesn’t cause allergies like mentioned above. I am so particular about what I put on my children’s skin from the very beginning so it only makes sense that organic cotton is just as important as baby lotions and shampoos! My girls love to snuggle up in our organic cotton throw and watch their favorite movies and read their favorite books. We often fight over who is going to get to use the blanket, including my husband! 



And be sure to check out the amazing and plush bath linens! My husband’s number one complaint with previous bath towels have been they weren’t soft or large enough. These towels solve both of those problems! I love them because they are incredibly soft, have better absorption, and seem to dry quicker.  My parents asked for bath towels for Christmas this year so these will make the perfect gift! Also would be perfect for housewarming, birthdays, or any occasion or no occasion at all. You simply can not go wrong with everyday home staples. So join me and be part of the organic cotton movement and create a clean and natural living space with the ones you love most! Check out Grund America and feel free to use a discount code “Holistic10” towards any future purchases!